10 Hilariously Overprotective Dads Looking Out For Their Daughters

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Most daughters are daddy’s little girls — daughter’s are the apple of the eye of many dads, and the dad’s biggest fear is often seeing their girl get hurt or heartbroken. Sure, they can get overprotective — but that’s because they know what you deserve.

Overbearing dads trying to protect their little princesses are common cliches used for humor purposes in many romantic comedy movies. We all remember Greg Focker of ‘Meet the Fockers’ and Bryan Mills of ‘Taken’. Sometimes, dads can be a wee bit too overprotective towards their daughters. Here are 10 instances of hilarious dads trying to protect their daughters.

Bring Her Home On Time

Clearly, the dad photobombed his daughter and date’s photo to make the message clear: bring her home on time, or else.

Stay Clear Boys, This Is My Dad!

This photo was shared by two-time World Pro Jiu Jitsu champion Kit Dale, to his 90,000 followers on Instagram. The photo shows a disgruntled daughter wearing a shirt her dad gave, ripping and flexing with the caption: ‘Stay Clear Boys, This Is My Dad!’

Birth Control Blanket

This is one dad’s hilarious Christmas present to his beloved daughter. He calls it the ‘birth control blanket’. Probably works pretty well, too.

Whatever You Do To My daWhatever You Do To My Daughter, I Will Do To You.ughter, I will do to you.

A teenage girl from Wisconsin’s prom photo went viral when it was shared online, but it’s her dad who got all the attention. Ricarra Schock went on a photo session with her boyfriend when her dad Benjamin decided to join in the fun. Her dad didn’t want a photo with her–instead, he stood behind his daughter’s date, complete with clasped hands, just like the pose the couple did for the camera. Everyone had a good laugh at it — really, ‘whatever you do to my daughter, I will do to you’.

Let Me Tell You The Time I Killed Bin Laden…

Although this is only a meme — we can totally picture this conversation happening in real life.

No Overspeeding!

This dad has his own way on teaching his kids how to drive.

Preparing For The First Date

The daughter isn’t the only one getting busy for her first date — the father is busy on his own, too…

Dads Against Daughters Dating

Words will spread around fast…

Rules For Dating My Daughter

He makes the rules perfectly clear for dating his daughter.

Overprotective Relatives

Prom season means Hunting season for this daughter’s relatives. We feel bad for her date for being easy target.