10 Strange Facts About Teeth You Likely Didn’t Know

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You may think that you know everything about teeth. However, there are many things about teeth that people are unaware of, and a few that may even astonish people working in the dental field. You use your teeth daily, mashing up food and smiling at your relatives and friends, but you often take them for granted. However, the human tooth is remarkably unusual and is surrounded by wild facts. Here are some strange facts about teeth you likely didn’t know.

Norwegian Tooth Bank

There is a tooth bank in Norway that plans to gather 100,000 milk teeth. These teeth will be part of a research study that will examine the relationship between pollution of the environment and ensuing disease. Milk teeth can give valuable information on the cause of illnesses and therefore how disease can be avoided.

Some Infants Are Born With Teeth

About one in 2,000 infants is born with natal teeth, therefore, sometimes infant’s first dentist appointment is just a few days after birth. Generally, natal teeth grow on the lower gums and tend to have fragile roots; they are often removed to avoid problems with accidental swallowing and breastfeeding.

Tumors Can Grow Teeth

Nobody wants to deal with an abnormal growth, but teratomas are particularly nasty. The germ cell tumors can contain many kinds of tissues and are normally found near the tailbone and in the ovaries and testes. Some of them even contain hair, teeth and occasionally hands, eyes and other limbs.


Some cheeses, such as Monterey Jack, Swiss and cheddar, can help avoid tooth decay.

Bejeweled Teeth

The Mayans were an ancient civilization who are most known for their supposed prediction of the world’s end. Nearly 2,500 years ago, they already had an advanced understanding of teeth. The Mayan people would have their dentists use a primitive drill to decorate their teeth with precious stones. Sometimes they would have parts of their tooth shaped or cut out to make it look more prettier.

Teeth Tattoos

Teeth tattoos are quite famous these days. The images are applied to a crown or cap and are permanent and come in all shapes and sizes.

Brushing Instantly After A Meal

According to research, the exposure to acidic drinks and foods during meals softens your teeth’s enamel. Brushing your teeth after consuming acidic drinks and foods raises the chance of enamel erosion. To help avoid dental erosion, it is suggested that you avoid brushing for one hour after consuming acidic drinks or foods.

Not Everyone Loses Their Milk Teeth

Kids normally begin losing teeth around 5 or 6 and completely in their early teens. However, if an individual does not have a replacement permanent tooth, that milk tooth will stay put.

Love Your Teeth Day

To raise awareness of the significance of dental care, the Government in China designated September 20 as national ‘Love Your Teeth Day.’ The campaign motivates the Chinese people to take care of their gums and teeth, and promote dental health education.

George Washington

George Washington had many sets of dentures made from elephant tusks, walrus teeth, cow and hippopotamus.