10 Strange and Amazing Tales Of Interdimensional Travel

The following stories are certainly a taste of the bizarre. Many scientists have theorized about interdimensional travel, and so often has the concept been used in science fiction. Most of the following stories are from actual people who claimed they slipped through into other worlds. As you will see, these other dimensions are sometimes strikingly different from our own, or sometimes the differences are subtle. Sure, we may assume the following people were only trying to start hoaxes, but if they were, wouldn’t they have come up with more believable details? Or if they were simply imagining things, wouldn’t they have chosen to keep their wild fantasies to themselves, rather than risk being labelled insane?

Carol Chase McElheney

In 2006 Carol McElheney was driving to her home in San Bernardino but decided to stop in her hometown of Riverside. She reached the right location, but her hometown had become completely unrecognizable. As an example, the cemetery where her grandparents were buried had become overgrown with weeds. She fled when she felt the locals had a strange energy to them. When she returned for her father’s funeral, her hometown had reverted back to her expectations.

Pedro Oliva Ramirez

On November 9th, 1986, Ramirez was driving to his home in Alcala de Guadaira. He claims he went around a curve and found himself on an unusual six-lane road bordered by strange buildings and unfamiliar terrain. He heard voices, one of which told him he had entered a parallel dimension. He turned around and backtracked, but somehow ended up in Alcala de Guadaira. He later returned to the strange area, but the buildings and strange terrain were gone.