10 Silly Myths People Believe About Fast Food Joints

Myth: Salads Are Always A Healthy Option

Fact: Although it may naturally seem as though salads are consistently the safe option at fast food joints, the Consumerist has proved this to be wrong. Since fast food salads typically have more cheese, meat, and salad dressing than is needed, they are no better than the greasy, salty, and sweet options available to eat. Salads can often have more fat, sugar, and sodium than other fast food items.

Myth: Fast Food Is Cheap

Fact: Many people do consider fast food to be cheaper than preparing food at home, but this is not even true. According to a NY Times article, feeding a family of four a typical meal from McDonald’s can cost over $20. On the other hand, one can prepare a meal for a family of four at home for close to $10. It depends on how one shops at grocery stores.