10 Shocking Ways A Zombie Apocalypse Could Occur

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Zombies are probably one of the most impressive and coolest monsters in the history of entertainment. They are also the one creature that could be most likely to occur within reality. There are so many different viruses, medical treatments, and scientific research companies that take things to the extreme. One of these items could easily go wrong and turn an entire population into a flesh-eating monstrosity. Of course, most people believe zombies will only ever live in the world of fiction. Well, those people could very well be wrong. Here are ten shocking ways a zombie apocalypse could occur.

Toxoplasma Gondii

Toxoplasma Gondii currently infects over half the population of the world already. Basically, this is a brain parasite that tends to infect rats and will breed within the intestines of a cat.

The Rage Virus

While it is not technically called ‘The Rage Virus’, it is referred to as mad cow disease in real life, the concept is basically the same. Eating diseased meat can cause humans to experience a scary delirium and muscle twitches.

Stem Cell Research

Advancements in stem cell research have mostly been positive, with cancer treatment being the main focus. However, one wrong move from a mad scientist and we could have a real life zombie virus that infects our brains and internal systems.


Cocaine is a heck of a drug. The illegal substance is addictive and leads to heart attacks. Some people are even turned into zombies, consuming human flesh in the midst of a wild attack while on the drugs.

“Zombie Preparedness”

The CDC has an entire section dedicated to “Zombie Preparedness.” These are the individuals who deal with serious diseases, and they are taking the possibility quite seriously. Their main causes of concern include tainted food and viruses.


The world of technology is advancing quicker than we can keep up in some cases. Nanobots, or microscopic robots, can enter into the blood stream and attach to brain cells, taking control of the mind. These could effectively turn the individual into a “host.”

Haitian Voodoo

An investigation was conducted in 1997 by a medical journal in an effort to discover what happened in Haiti. There were three cases of “zombie” people rising from the grave. They had no control over their bodies and were basically slaves.


Neurotoxins, like that of the pufferfish, are known to kill humans very easily. The toxins generally induce a death-like state beforehand, though, where the individual has no control.


Some psychologists can argue that we already have zombies living within our very bodies. When it comes to rioting and mass anarchy, people turn into monsters with seemingly no control over their own thought process or bodies.


A lot of people are allergic to wasps, but these creatures are known to exhibit zombie-like behavior before ever attacking a human. The jewel wasp tends to exhibit this behavior, as they choose a cockroach and inject it with their young. The young then consume the cockroach upon birth.