10 Shocking TV Shows Filled With Nudity

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Making a popular television show is no easy task. Depending on the type of program, there will be various factors that contribute to its success but all the very best share similar elements, such as engaging characters, gripping drama, stunning sets and brilliant writing. Of course, with so many different shows competing for viewers, producers often have to come up with ways to attract a bigger audience and a common way of doing this is to include sex scenes and explicit nudity. It’s a sure fire way to ensure you get at least some people watching who might otherwise have done so and, in some cases, can create such a reputation that people will tune it just to see the shocking scenes.


Like many other historical dramas, Spartacus does not just tell the tale of those who lived in the past but also shows the viewer all of the sordid things that they used to do. Having the main characters appear naked was such a frequent event that many of the actors spent more time nude that they did fully clothed throughout their time on the show, with regular full frontal nudity of both men and women.


Girls tells the story of a group of close friends living in New York City, with a particular focus on the life of Hanna, played by Lena Dunham. Hannah is continuously shown to be naked throughout the television show, even appearing nude while playing table tennis and eating cake. This has prompted some complaints that the producers are having her appear naked for no reason.

Sex And The City

Sex and the City was filled with graphic sex scenes and nudity throughout its run, with only Sarah Jessica Parker not stripping off thanks to a no-nudity clause in her contract. Every other main character has been seen in the flesh, with much of the action focusing on their sexual exploits with various partners.

Orange is the New Black

Based on the book by Piper Kerman, who spent a year in a women’s prison, the show is another that has developed a reputation for being raunchy. It tells the story of a group of inmates in a correctional facility and nudity is a frequent occurrence, with lesbian encounters happening regularly and even some instances of male full frontal nudity.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

After leaving her role as companion Rose on Doctor Who, Billie Piper’s next job was about as far removed from that as was possible. She played the character Belle in Secret Diary of the Call Girl, which tells the story of a prostitute and her sexual exploits with various clients. While the nudity was not as extreme as in other shows, the sheer amount of sex scenes still made it a controversial program when it was shown.

Masters of Sex

The title of this television series kind of gives the game away that it might contain some graphic sex scenes. Masters of Sex actually tells the story of a gynecologists and his assistant who are researching human sexuality, something which obviously required a fair amount of nudity as they carried out their research.

The Girl’s Guide To Depravity

While The Girl’s Guide To Depravity often shows plenty of flesh during the course of a show, it has been praised for its realistic depictions of sex scenes, which are generally much closer to real-life encounters than other TV programs. Main characters Lizzie and Samantha are often shown nude, with bare breasts and bottoms commonplace.

True Blood

True Blood has always been a controversial show thanks mainly to the graphic violence and nudity that has made up much of its content. The vampire characters are not afraid to engage in all types of sexual activity, with frequent scenes of bondage, orgies and sex, meaning that almost every episode has characters appear naked.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has developed a reputation for showing unnecessary amounts of nudity and graphic sex scenes. It has even garnered controversy for showing shocking rape scenes, though much of the nakedness revolves around the main characters simply having sex, much like with the novels that they are based on. Full frontal scenes involving mainly women are common and barely an episode passes without someone being shown naked.

Black Sails

From the very first episode in 2014, Black Sails was not afraid of showing its characters in various states of undress. In fact, nudity is so commonplace that almost every other scene involves bare skin on show, with full frontal shot of both male and females a regular feature of the show.