10 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Comic Book Characters

For most avid comic book readers, we think we know everything about our favorite heroes and villains. We feel as though we can put ourselves more inside this world if we can recite all kinds of “interesting” facts about who Superman’s weirdest enemy was, or why Batman decided to go with a bat instead of some other night dwelling creature. The fact of the matter is that even when we think we’ve got the comic book world all figured out, there are things even the most avid reader likely doesn’t know. If you think you do need to brush up on your favorite character’s background, check out our 10 shocking things you didn’t know about your favorite comic book characters.

Venom Was Going To Be A Woman

The story of venom is well known to Spider-Man fans. Peter Parker discards the alien symbiote that had been posing as a black suit and that suit finds another wearer who goes after Spider-Man. While the comics went with Eddie Brock, who was a camera man that lost his job at the Daily Bugle because Parker got better pictures, it was originally planned to be a woman who was once pregnant but lost her baby in a car accident tragically caused by Spider-Man. In the end, the writers decided that a woman wouldn’t be a dangerous enough enemy for a superhumanly strong hero.

Wolverine’s Origin Story Was Quite a Bit Different

When Marvel first came up with the Wolverine character, he was supposed to be very short lived. He was also originally called the Badger and he wasn’t even a member of the X-Men. The character first made an appearance in an Incredible Hulk comic where he was used to hunt down the green goliath and got into a huge fight.