10 Murder Mysteries That Will Never Be Forgotten

We all remember important murders of the recent past, like the Columbine, Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings. Although many murder cases throughout history go unnoticed, others gain worldwide attention as well as great historical notoriety. Some of these sorts of cases can even lead to reform within the police department, the justice system, child protection legislation and international relations. Here is a list of ten such murder mysteries that shocked the world and affected the system in ways one never would have thought possible.

Daniel Good

Ever seen “Catch Me If You Can“? In 1842 London, Daniel Good started the trend of evading law enforcement for months on end when, after stealing a pair of pants, his stable was searched and a scorched human torso was discovered. After an exhaustive search across Britain and Good’s eventual execution, Scotland Yard set up the Criminal Investigative Department to improve their detective abilities.

Reginald and Esther Gough

In 1945, Reginald and Esther Gough, foster parents to two young boys, were arrested for murder when the older of the two boys was discovered dead. As it turns out, Reginald was consistently abusive toward the family, leading to severe beatings and malnourishment. This case inspired the Children Act of 1948 which helps protect the interests and well being of foster children across the United Kingdom.