10 Shocking Scientific Facts That Are Totally Misleading

Science has come a long, long way since the dawn of mankind and the serious study of scientific facts and knowledge. Those who would spend the time in school and call themselves a scientist have gone through a lot to ensure the knowledge they are sharing is top-of-the-line. That being said, new discoveries occur every single year – some of which make us disregard previous discoveries or teachings. There is a lot we need to know about the planet and its inhabitants, but not everyone gets it right the first time. Here are ten shocking scientific facts that are totally misleading.

Bats Are Blind

Science once told us that bats were completely blind and could only see using echolocation, which means they ping sound waves off their environment. This is false, as bats are fully capable of seeing, too.

Empire State Building Penny

We’ve long heard the horror tales of someone dropping a penny off the top of the Empire State Building and it killing someone below. This is false. The penny could reach a maximum speed of 50 miles-per-hour, but it won’t kill.