10 Hilarious Pictures Showcasing What Happens When You Drink

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We know we all behave a little out of our way when we are positively intoxicated. Some have a weird, although really fun alter ego, some are slutty, some adventurous and some really like to cry when drunk. There are different ways different types of alcohol affect people as well and you never know what may happen to you when you go on a path of drunkness. Here are ten hilarious pictures that will make you feel much better about your own drunk escapades.

Snickers Charger

Coming home from a night out can prove to be difficult for the savy social media users and iPhones with low battery life.

Shoes In The Fridge

As long as you put away the shoes, it’s alright, right?

Door Breaker

Entering a room was never this easy, or painful.


Well, we keep dogs for a reason.

Toaster Pasta

Well, sometimes you get confused what works with what. At least it was food they put in the toaster, and not, let’s say, toilet paper.

Can Opener

Opening a can is hard when you’re sober, however it is almost impossible when you’re drunk.

Sober Han

We’ve all done this at least once. And it’s always legendary.

Shoe Cable

This is performance art of the uttermost level.

The Shelf Sleeper

Sometimes when drunk the most ridiculous places look the coziest. And sometimes they’re just the first thing we see and crawl in there.

Earrings Toilet Paper

In some cases, life just proves to be too hard. And in other cases, diamond earrings end up stuck in toilet paper.