10 Shocking Reasons Why McDonald’s Has Been Banned In Certain Countries

While McDonald’s is certainly a restaurant that is well loved in the United States and other countries around the world, there are a few places that have given the burger joint an unceremonious kick to the curb. There are all kinds of reasons why the chain shouldn’t be allowed in the country but it doesn’t seem as though these countries decided to show it the door because they felt the restaurant’s cheeseburgers were too fatty. There were a couple of reasons why the restaurant was thrown out, but it seems as if these places went a bit above and beyond to make sure Ronald McDonald isn’t allowed in their borders anymore. Check out 10 shocking reasons why McDonald’s has been banned in certain countries.

It Would Hurt Progress

Ghana is a country that feels as though it is actually establishing itself as a growing economic base in Africa. The citizens and the leadership of the country have decided allowing the restaurant chain into the country would halt progress made when it comes to being respected.

It’s Contract Was Canceled

In Macedonia, for more than 16 years, McDonald’s had a group of seven restaurants. In 2013, McDonald’s Europe’s head of communications, Agnes Vadnai, announced that Macedonia no longer wanted the seven restaurants open after a conflict had arisen between it and the country. As a result, Macedonia cut McDonald’s Europe’s operation licenses, forcing the chain to shut down.