10 Sets Of On-Screen Friends Who Actually Hated Each Other

We’ve all seen the movies and television shows where we wished we could have had a friend or romantic partner that was as clean and crisp and wonderful as what we were watching. We watch these shows and think “my god, they must have a lot of fun even when they’re off set.” The fact of the matter is that sometimes these people would rather spend the night bobbing for apples in an unflushed toilet than actually hang out with a costar when they absolutely don’t have too. The fact you thought they were actually friends just shows how good their craft is. Check out these on-screen friends who actually hated each other in real life.

Lea Michele and Naya Rivera

These two actresses played friends and Glee Group teammates on the long running Fox show. It turns out that when the cameras were turned off, the pair couldn’t stand each other. At one point the feud actually turned physical, and a “major altercation” was rumored. Eventually, Michele had Rivera written off the show in season 5.

Betty White and Bea Arthur

It appears that Betty White and Bea Arthur were not singing “Thank you for being a friend” to each other when they were offset of Golden Girls. The costars didn’t have a feud per-say, as both White and Rue McClanahan say Arthur hated White for “no apparent reason.” Arthur has passed away so it seems we’ll never know why these two weren’t actually friends.