10 Shocking Facts About Pornography You Never Knew

Some people and groups throughout the world are absolutely outraged at the fact that porn is so massive in this world. The sex industry, however, remains one of the most profitable industries in the entire world, beating out technology, retail, and even Hollywood. With such a huge demand and with all of the profits available to be had, how can the porn industry be so bad? Here are ten little known facts about the porn industry that every teenager should probably know before logging into a free site.


The sex industry remains one of the largest, most profitable industries in the entire world. This includes street prostitution, strip clubs, phone sex, and pornography. All of these combined earn billions every single year.


In the adult film industry, over 13,000 adult videos are produced every single year, which amasses around $13 billion in profit. In comparison, Hollywood released 507 movies in 2014 and only earned around 8.8 billion dollars.

Money, Money, Money

When you combine The National Football League, The National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball, the porn industry still earns more. Even further, when you combine NBC, CBS, and ABC all together, the porn industry remains on top in terms of cash.

Unique Visitors

Every single second of every single day, there are as many as 30,000,000 unique visitors viewing porn. That means, by the time it took you to finish this sentence, millions upon millions of people were watching pornography.

Search Terms

Within America, the most searched porn-related word in the entire nation is Creampie, followed closely by Teen. This tends to change, especially depending on which state you happen to find yourself in, as each area has their own specific tastes.

Rumored Ban

There has been a rumor circulating for years now that claims Australia will ban any pornographic movie that shows a women with A-cup or smaller breasts. This is, obviously, quite false.

UK Traffic

Internet pornography within the UK currently receives more traffic than any single social network website, shopping, gaming, finance, or travel website in their entirety. The UK people love their naked bodies.

Real Life Sex

Recent studies have proven that teenagers all across the world – in almost every country possible – use pornography as a way to learn about real life sex and what to do when it happens to them.

Women vs. Men

Women do watch porn, this much is completely evident, but most studies have proven that more men watch porn than women these days. That number is changing constantly, though, and may be different next year.


Apparently, 10 percent of adults in the world have admitted to having an online porn addiction. Treatment centers have been springing up with various programs to help these individuals.