10 Secrets You Never Knew About North Korea

North Korea is probably one of the most depraved countries in the entire world, even though the Kim family would have everyone believe it is nothing more than a paradise with an overabundance of great food and riches. In reality, though, the people living there positively hate it, and they find themselves performing back-breaking labor on a near daily basis with little payment or encouragement. According to reports from some individuals who managed to sneaked out of the country, it is horrible. Here are ten totally brutal North Korean secrets.

Labor Camps

In total, North Korea has over 16 labor camps operating throughout the country. These are massive compounds that are surrounded by barbed wire fence with electricity running through them. It is said there are about 200,000 prisoners in total.

Three Generations of Punishment

According to North Korean law, “three generations of punishment” is in place for anyone who commits a crime. This means that your children and even your grandchildren will end up being punished for a crime you may commit.