10 Scary Natural Phenomena That Could Kill You

Our planet is the host of numerous terrifying phenomena that are completely natural. These phenomena, despite coming from the planet itself, can actually end your life with quite a bit of ease. It is completely odd for people to witness these terrifying displays of power, and yet it does happen on occasion. Those who find themselves too close, however, are in for a rather dangerous and deadly surprise if they are not careful. Hurricanes, for example, are natural, but will absolutely kill you. Here are ten scary natural phenomena that may just kill you.


Experts tend to agree that a waterspout is nothing more than a tornado occurring over the water. Tornadoes, as you may know, are dangerous. Waterspouts can sink a boat with ease, especially those found in tropical waters.

Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are obviously one of the most dangerous phenomena to occur, though it does not happen often enough for people to grow scared. Despite that, eruptions like that of Mount Vesuvius have killed tens of thousands.