10 Restaurants With Unconventional And Hilarious Names

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Naming your restaurant can be a very tricky business. You need to connect with your customers, make your name easy to remember and accurately portray the kind of food or service you intend to provide. With millions of restaurants open around the world, it has become increasingly difficult to come up with unique and creative names for your business. This is where restaurant owners get cheeky and try to use the concept of parodies to name their places. Using a joke, a pun or a parody is never a great idea when it comes to name your restaurant, or any other business for that matter. Here is a list of 10 restaurants with hilarious names:

Wok This Way

We have all heard of the classic Aerosmith song – ‘Walk this way’. This Chinese restaurant decided to do a little ‘play on words’ by naming their place ‘Wok this way’.

Bread Zeppelin

The classic rock band ‘Led Zeppelin’ has nothing to do with this restaurant. They would however be quite amused after hearing this particular name.

What The Pho

This Vietnamese joint decided to play with a popular expression regarding a certain curse word, and how a Vietnamese person would say said expression.

Fat Ass Pizza

As a consumer, I do appreciate a certain level of honesty while doing business with any establishment, but calling your pizza joint Fat Ass is just taking things too far.

The Codfather

If you love Marlon Brando, if you love fish, if you love a good hit, then you probably might (or might not) enjoy dining at ‘The Codfather’.

Frying Nemo

This is a good way to kill your children’s appetite and their memories of a beloved animated character.

Thai Tanic

This restaurant owner really wanted to just squeeze in a pun somewhere in the name of his business. I wonder if the restaurant is still business or if it was sunk by the giant glacier that is the economy.

Lord Of The Fries

This is one of the better puns in this list, and still it isn’t a very good pun.

Pita Pan

The new Peter Pan movie just came out, and it was just as good as the quality of the name of this restaurant.

Obama Fried Chicken

Sometimes, stereotypes exist for a reason. And sometimes, evoking a stereotype can be pretty offensive. We wonder if the white house has shut this project down yet.