10 Predatory Insects To Avoid At All Costs

Everyone tends to see some sort of a bug or insect on a daily basis, and most of them are prey animals that feed on each other, or end up being fed on by birds or spiders. We tend to give no mind to these little insects, as they are smaller than us by a long shot. However, some of them are actually perfect little killers that have evolved in nature to take down a formidable opponent with their sting or bite. Some of these can even stop a grown man in his tracks. Here are ten daunting predatory insects we’d prefer to avoid.

Robber Fly

There are around 120,000 different species of flies in the world, and some of those are extreme predators. The Robber fly, for example, can fly at high speed and catches other insets in the air. They inject a neurotoxin with each sting to kill their victim.

Water Scorpion

The Water Scorpion has a terrifying appearance, and despite the name it is actually an insect. They are harmless to human beings, but when it comes to aquatic animals, these little devils will eat just about anything in their path.