10 Funny And Extreme Ways To Prevent Cheating

Admit it — unless you were the do-gooder teacher’s pet, you’ve probably cheated at least once, or twice, or a few times in your scholastic lives. Sometimes we just forgot to study, or didn’t understand the lesson at all, and some help from our neighboring classmates can make or break our test score.

It’s not that we take cheating lightly, of course cheating in all sense — whether in school, or in relationships — is absolutely wrong. Cheating is an act that is condemned across the globe. In fact, some countries take cheating more seriously than others. From paper folders to flying drones, here are some of the most extreme anti-cheating methods ever.

Paper Blinder Hats to Avoid Cheating

In Kasetsart University, Thailand, teachers put a paper hat that looks like a horse blinder to prevent students from cheating on exams.

Folders to Prevent Wandering Eyes

In this school, students are covered in folders to prevent wandering eyes while taking a quiz.