10 People With Shocking Abilities

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Do you think humans with superpowers only exist in comics and movies? Think again. Some of the following ten people were born with their uncanny abilities, and the others mastered theirs through effort and meditation. There is a man who once ate an entire plane, a teenager who mastered echolocation, a swordsman who can cut through bullets, and even a man who cannot sleep. Read on to meet these people. They will amaze you and show you just how remarkable the human mind and body can be.

Kim Peek – “Rain Man”

Kim Peek was actually the inspiration for Dustin Hoffman’s character in Rain Man, Raymond Babbitt. Sometimes referred to as a “megasavant”, Kim Peek had amazing skills with reading and retention. When reading, Kim Peek would use one eye for each page, and would read both pages simultaneously. A thick book would take him about an hour to read. What’s more, he had a 98% retention rate of whatever he read. He was eventually considered to be a walking encyclopedia.

Michel Lotito – “Mr Eat-All”

Michel Lotito was a French entertainer, and his performances revolved around eating rubber, glass, and metal. Bicycles, shopping carts, televisions…you name it, he ate it. His most impressive meal was to eat a Cessna 150, which took two years (1978-80). His basic strategy when eating metal was to break it all down to tiny bits and pieces, and to chase each bite with lots of mineral oil and water.

Rathakrishnan Velu – “King Tooth”

At fourteen years of age, an Indian guru taught Rathakrishnan Velu how to concentrate his body’s energy.

Fast forward to August 30th, 2007, which was the eve of Malaysia’s 50th independence day. To commemorate the day, Velu broke his own world record by towing a train with six cars attached (297.1 tons in total) with only his teeth. The event took place at the Old Kuala Lumpur railway station. He pulled the train and attached cars a distance of 2.8 meters.

Isao Machii – “Super Samurai”

Isao Machii is a Japanese iaido master and holds a number of Guinness World Records for his sword skills. His most impressive feat was to cut two pellets in a row that were shot at him from a gun. He said that he does not rely on his eyes in this kind of challenge, but rather tries to visualize the pellet’s trajectory in his mind.

John Chang – “Dynamo Jack”

John Chang is a Qigong master, acupuncturist, and Japanese healer. He can harness his chi to do remarkable things: catch things on fire, create electricity by the touch of his fingers, and even push chopsticks through thick pieces of wood. He claims he gained his abilities through a certain form of meditation, taught by a tradition that has remained clandestine.

He refused to be documented until the early 1980’s, but eventually relented to a team of reporters (one of which John Chang healed). Soon after, though, John Chang claimed he received a vision from one of his older masters, who chastised Chang for revealing his abilities. Chang, taking the vision seriously, went into hiding soon after.

Ben Underwood – “Batman”

Ben Underwood had retinal cancer at the age of two, which soon forced him to undergo surgery to remove his eyes at age three.

At age five, though, he had become highly efficient at using echolocation, which he did by clucking his tongue. He became so skilled that he could run, play basketball, rollerblade, skateboard, ride a bike, and play football.

Ben Underwood passed away in 2009 from the same cancer that took his eyes.

Wim Hof – “Iceman”

This Dutch adventurer uses the Tibetan meditation technique known as Tummo to gain control over his heat rate and body’s temperature. He holds a number of world records, one of which is the world’s longest ice bath.

Ma Xiangang – “Electric Man”

Ma Xiangang discovered his superpower somewhat late in his life. About fifteen years ago, the T.V. in his house surged and went out. Some wires outside his house had been broken by the wind. Without thinking or caution, he reattached the wires. Only afterwards did he realize that he should have been electrocuted.

He found that he can conduct high currents of electricity. When doing so, he gets a warm, pleasurable feeling. Now he uses his abilities for electrotherapy and therapeutic massages.

Daniel Browning Smith – “Rubber Boy”

Daniel Browning Smith earned his superpowers through hard work and training.

He holds a number of Guinness World Records. In 2007, though, he won the record he wanted the most, “Most Flexible Man”. He only had to dislocate both legs and arms, and had to turn his torso 180 degrees.

Thai Ngoc – “Red Eyes”

Thai Ngoc claims that he has not slept for four decades. His extended insomnia was the result of a fever he had in 1973.

For a while he seemed to suffer no ill effects. He felt mentally sound throughout the four decades. Part of his daily routine required that he carry two 110 lb. bags of pig fed down a 2.5 mile road.