10 People With Rare Medical Conditions

Beki Propst

Beki Propst was 47 years old when her memory was erased after a grand mal seizure attack. All the memories she had of her life were totally erased. All names, facts, events, acquaintances and identity were all wiped clean like a hard drive that were totally erased. Doctors are baffled with her condition however, they believed that epilepsy of Propst and minor seizures that she had were instrumental for her memory loss.

Gabby Gingras

Some individuals wished that they don’t feel any pain however, the absence of pain is not also a good thing. In the case of Gabby Gingras, a girl who cannot feel pain, having this rare condition is dangerous. Since Gingras cannot feel pain, she chewed her own hand and mutilated her three little fingers. She also scratched her eye severely thus forcing the doctors to remove one of her eyes — making her legally blind.