10 People That The Internet Absolutely Hates

Earning the respect of the general public is not an easy thing to do. You have to be talented, hardworking, dedicated and generally a good person. Being hated, on the other hand, is quite easy. Most people hate most people on the internet. This is what happens when people are allowed to anonymously voice their opinion on everything. Everyone has noticed that there is a lot of hate on the internet, and it would be great if people could tone that down just a tad bit. Some people though, deserve all the hate they get from the internet. Here is a list that features 10 people who the internet absolutely loathes.

Hunter Moore

Yes, Hunter Moore is the very same person who started a website where people could post naked revenge pictures of their ex-girlfriends. Apart from sealing the fact that he will never get laid again, Hunter also went on to become one of the most hated people on the internet.

Matt Forney

Matt Forney gets crushed by the feminist community online quite regularly, and he deserves every bit of it. The blogger has become famous for being the misogynist who takes to the online space to purposely say nasty stuff about women. Who hurt you Matt? Who hurt you?

Noel Biderman

Ever heard of Ashley Madison? Of course you have! That is the one site you make sure doesn’t end up on your history even by mistake. The man behind the infidelity-themed website is Noel Biderman, and no doubt he is quite hated online.

Taylor Chapman

This young lady decided it was a good idea to carry a camera to Dunkin Donuts and racially abuse the workers while taping the event. For her genius idea, she is constantly hated by the good folks on the internet.

Jackie Chan

We love Jackie Chan! Let me be straight up with this fact. For some reason though, all of China hates the karate master. Will someone please tell us why!

Seventh Grade Bullies

A shocking video of a seventh graders bullying an elderly woman to tears surfaced on the internet recently. The kids were horrifyingly mean to the lady and crossed every boundary they could think of just for laughs. For their absolute cruelty, the internet decided to punish them by hating on them an appropriate amount.

Happy Earthquake Girl

Pamela Foreman, a 21 year old, managed to behave like a naive 4 year old, by celebrating feverishly when Japan was hit by an Earthquake. Her insensitivity shocked the world and she was instantly hated by millions.

Mary Snell And Britton Engel

This horrible mother-son duo decided it was appropriate to stuff a poor puppy into a plastic bag in order to keep him still so that they can take a picture of him. Their intentions were harmless, but their actions were absolutely appalling, and the internet gave them enough flak for it.

Melissa Bachman

We all know and recognize this inhumane news presenter pretty well now. Melissa Bachman shot into the limelight for hunting and killing a lion, and then posting the picture on her twitter account. I hope that picture was worth it because that was the last time Melissa was ever seen smiling in public.

Justin Bieber

How can we make a most hated list and not put the Biebmeister in it! This kid has had every insult possible thrown his way and he is still standing.