10 Overpriced Celebrities You Can Actually Book

Celebrities are people too, they need money and attention to survive just like the rest of us. We think of celebrities like the stars in the sky, something we can only admire from a distance but never really come face-to-face with. This is not true, as a lot of celebrities are very open to bookings for private events. If you have the right amount of money, you can actually get many celebrities to personally grace your private events with their presence. The only thing is that some celebrities are way too overpriced, even by the celebrity-yardstick. Here is a list of 10 celebrities you can actually book, along with alternative options for the same price range.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love may have her glory days behind her, but it does not mean that she is done working. This former singer who was closely associated with Kurt Cobain is still available to perform at private events. She charges anywhere between 30,000 to 50,000 dollars for every event, and if that seems a bit pricey to you, you should know that Anna Kournikova charges the same amount as well.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy is still willing to attend social events and speak about topics like autism if you pay her $50,000-$75,000. If you want to meet a former playboy model, this might seem like a fair price to you, but you should know that Ice Cube and Kermit can also show up to your event at the same price.