10 Outrageous Competitions People Partake In

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People, by nature, are incredibly competitive. Humans have the ability to turn almost anything in a competition against their friends, family, or complete strangers on the other side of the world. Most of these competitions seem to be legit, with plenty of them simply being major league sports. However, a lot of weird, outrageous competitions have begun to arise. Everything from toe wrestling to jumping on the bed have been turned into a competitive sport with teams or singles duking it out. Here are ten of the more outrageous.

World Body Painting Competition

Every single year, in Austria, people gather together to take part and judge the competition that takes place at the World Body Painting Competition. These people take their sport incredibly serious, so don’t pick fun while visiting.

Toe Wrestling

In order to take part in this international competition, you simply need one strong toe to take on the world champions. Yes, there truly are champions and famous individuals within the scene who are known for winning.

Future Milk Contest

Milk containers around the world are incredibly simple. They hold milk and nothing more. However, the Future Milk Contest is ensuring that we know exactly what kind of container – both in style and functionality – will be used in the future for milk.

Competitive Bed Jumping

As children, our version of Competitive Bed Jumping was just to bounce up and down with our siblings until our parents stopped the fun from happening. These days, however, people have turned it into a sport. It’s unclear how you win.

Extreme Ironing

Do you hate ironing clothes? Do you wish ironing was a little bit more fun? Then Extreme Ironing is the competition for you. Hop onto your wave board, tie yourself to a speedboat, and iron away at some creased clothing.

Midget Tossing Contest

This competition is incredibly simple. To partake in the Midget Tossing Contest, you simply need one consenting midget and the upper body strength to toss him farther than anyone else participating.

Bird Dance Offs

If you own a pet bird, and you’ve managed to teach them to dance to music, then enter into a Bird Dance Offs to become the proud owner of a winning pet bird. These pets surely strut their stuff for the competition.

Edible Boat Races

There is just one rule to competing within Edible Boat Races, and that is your boat has to be created from 100 percent edible material. No one is going hungry halfway through the race, thankfully.

Power Tool Racing

Combining power tools with wheels can ensure rednecks have a race cart to barrel around a track with. This is either the manliest of competitions or the worst one in the world. We’re not quite sure yet.

Dead Possum Costume Contest

At a local school in Austria, a fundraiser, entitled the Dead Possum Costume Contest, has children dressing up roadkill in various outfits. They have managed to raise over $6000 in the past with this little competition.