10 Of The Worst Vacation Fails Ever

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We all want to be be able to go on our vacations, take a bunch of photos and have a ton of great memories to bring home. Sometimes it works out that way, other times you end up with a photo that is decidedly not showing off a wonderful vacation. Sometimes the photo you have in your ownership shows a vacation that was a miserable failure, and sometimes these failures can be hilarious. That’s why we’ve brought you this list of 10 photos showing the worst vacations ever. Now check them out and tell us if you’ve ever had one go worse.

We Assume This Didn’t Turn to Tragedy

Sometimes you need to look where you’re going. And then there are times you should never, ever look down.

Mine’s The Blue On On Top

It appears the people who want their luggage in this pile are going to be spending a while at the airport. Perhaps their entire vacation.

Someday They’ll Look Back On This And Laugh

Of course, it’s been 30 years and the guy who got puked on still isn’t laughing. Could there be a worse way to spend a day on vacation?

This is Why You Never Let People Bury You

The guy thought he was going to just chill in the sand and enjoy the day. We’re willing to bet his enjoyment ended 2 seconds after this photo was shot.

Matching Family

This photo is a vacation fail and it’s an awkward family photo. Why in the world would the adults think it was a good idea to match their clothes to their kids.

“You Said There Would Be No Learning On This Trip”

People tend to take vacations to get away from it all. These kids got a little sex education for their trouble.

Walking, Talking Sunscreen Commercials

Just what in the world were they doing that they didn’t think they needed any sunscreen? Gonna be a while before the feel better.

Dr. Doolittle In the Flesh

This picture actually seems like a pretty big vacation success. We just wonder when it’s going to turn bad.

This Might Not Be The Time To Take Pictures

If there was ever a time to drop the camera and help the kids, this would be it. This doesn’t seem like a fun camping trip.

She’s Having the Time Of Her Life

She’s also going to be having some serious nightmares. We like the young girl in back who doesn’t appear to really be in the mood.