10 Of The Worst Mascots Ever Created

Mascots are an awesome way to get the crowd excited at a sporting event. They often come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from panthers to crazy looking birds. Well, we’ve scoured the internet and have come up with some of the strangest mascots you’ll ever see. From a baby that looks like he’s been taking too many drugs to something that looks like an evil twin sister of Lisa Simpson, here are some of the strangest mascots you’ll ever see!

Chuck The Condor, Los Angeles Clippers

In February of 2016, the LA Clippers introduced Chuck The Condor to their team. Let’s just say the public doesn’t like him that much, a couple of magazine headlines have read “The Clippers’ championship drive just got hijacked by a stupid bird” and “Chuck is a schmuck”.

Abby The Abused Chicken, Mercy For Animals

If you haven’t guess by the name, Abby The Abused Chicken is a mascot that has been made by Mercy For Animals to show their concern with farmed animals. The mascot has apparently been raised from the dead after being boiled, busted, partially de-feathered, and had her throat slit.