10 Facts About The Human Body That Make No Sense At All

The human body is simply one of those evolutionary marvels that sometimes simply cannot be explained, despite the massive amount of hours spent studying every intricate detail and artery inside of us. It appears to adapt to various circumstances, allowing humans to survive in unstable conditions for extended periods of time. Human bones are actually stronger than steel, and we are capable of running longer distances than any known animal on the planet. Human beings are truly an impressive species, albeit a flawed one sometimes. Here are ten facts about the human body that make no sense at all.

Inability to Bio-synthesize Vitamin C

Despite requiring it, humans have a distinct inability to bio-synethesize Vitamin C within our own bodies. We must instead drink orange juice or ingest supplements for the necessary vitamins to enter our system.

Genital to Rectum

Basically, the simple proximity of our genitals to our rectum is both awkward anatomically and aesthetically. Humans have short a urethra, which also tends to lead to frequent bladder infections or urinary tract infections.

Male Prostate Problems

The prostate is a completely ridiculous organ that tends to only cause problems within males, not females. Overall, it has a very minimally important function within the body – it increases sperm survival by a fraction.

Multi-functional Genitals

Human genitals are designed for multiple functions, and this is actually really unhygienic in the long run. For example, sexual intercourse forces bacteria into the urethra of a woman, which leads to UTIs more frequently.

Inefficient Sinuses

Humans have numerous sinuses within their face, including the maxillary sinuses, which drain upwards into our heads. This often causes the build-up of fluids and mucus, which tends to cause infection, more often than not.

Narrow Birth Canal

Women have an unreasonable narrow canal when it comes to birth, which results in a lot of pain during child birth and a lot of increased risk to the mother and child.

Narrow Pelvis

Along with the pain of child birth, the narrow width of the pelvis in females has been actually keeping the brain from growing larger over the past 200,000 years of evolution, believe it or not.


Blood flows into both of your arms and legs via one single artery. The roundabout nature of arteries is quite inefficient and takes up more room than is probably needed.

Male Nipples

Males have nipples that we technically don’t need whatsoever. Everyone begins as a female in the womb, but men change later down the road. Males will never use their nipples for anything useful, unlike women who breast-feed.

Male Urinary Tract

The internal wiring of the male urinary tract is entirely awkward and inefficient. It passes through, instead of simply going around, the prostate gland. This may cause swelling and potentially block the urinary function of the body.