10 Of The World’s Most Incredible Mazes

Whether it would be on a simple sheet of paper, online or in a game, the truth is that everyone loves mazes. Even if you hate them, no one can resist the urge to find their way through a series of blocks, to finally get that sweet sense of accomplishment every one of us craves. However, while puzzles can be satisfying in all of their forms, only the real-life mazes and labyrinths can give us a once-in-a-lifetime experience of wonder and satisfaction. And while the local carnivals can offer you small-sized labyrinths, nothing can compare to these 10 incredible mazes that are not only extravagant, but also extremely gorgeous!

Schonbrunn Palace Maze in Vienna, Austria

Located in one of the world’s most amazing cities to live in, Vienna, Austria, the Schonbrunn Palace is breathtaking in its beauty. While its maze is relatively new, planted in 1998 in homage to the earlier maze that once stood there, it is also one of the biggest in the world.

The Hampton Court Palace Maze in Surrey, UK

Maintaining the original design of the royal gardeners George London and Henry Wise, the Hampton Court Palace Maze in Surrey, UK, which was build in the late 17th century for the amusement of William the Third, is truly an original and impressive place.