20 Things You Will Only Understand If You Have A BFF

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In life, there are friends and there are best friends. While it’s very possible to make friends wherever you go in life, finding a true BFF is a rare thing indeed and once you’ve found one person to whom you can tell everything, it’s very likely that you won’t find another. Our BFFs see us through the hardest and strangest times in our lives, thus, we develop a relationship with them that is a little more unique than most. If you’ve got a BFF, then it’s almost certain that everything here applies to your relationship. Call them now, you know you want to.

You Can Communicate Without Words

One raise of your eyebrow and you have communicated an entire conversation. Your BFF and you have developed such an advanced way of communicating that now, words are no longer necessary. Your other friends try and get in on the action but both of you know that no-one else will ever really understand.

“Too Close” Means Nothing To You

When you’re with your BFF practically 24/7, your idea of what boundaries are begins to change a little bit. You have seen them naked more times than you can count and whilst others think that you’re too close, you know that it’s just because you’re basically the same person.

You Always Support Their Dumb Ideas

Let’s face it; most ideas that we come up with in our younger years aren’t exactly founded on reason and rationality. Your best friend is not immune to the stupidity of youth, but even when they come up with their most outlandish idea yet, you find yourself nodding along and giving them your full support.

You Talk On All Platforms At Once

Texting is not sufficient for your and your BFF. At any given time, the two of you can be talking via Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and text and have an open phone call on the go. Hey, you just want to be in touch with them in case something happens and you’re not there.

You Consider Them To Be Your Future Partner

Even if you’re technically single, you have never felt more loved than you do with your BFF. You can’t imagine any other relationship being this strong and stable and when you think of the future, all you see is the pair of you together.

You Hate Everyone But Them

When your BFF is so perfect, it’s almost impossible for anyone else to measure up. You are so comfortable with them, that the idea of confiding in anyone else sends shivers down your spine. No-one else understands you, anyway.

You Talk Through All Decisions With Them

You can’t make any major (or minor) life choice without consulting their decision beforehand. On the rare occasion that you go shopping alone, you Facetime with your BFF in the changing rooms to get their instant feedback.

You’re Irrationally Jealous Of Their Other Friends

Although you both have a group of friends, you find yourself getting unreasonably annoyed when they hang out together without you. You text your friend like a needy partner and arrange an emergency meetup to resolidify your friendship.

You’re Unafraid To Repeatedly Text Them

While you text romantic interests with caution, you have no problem with repeatedly texting your friend if they don’t answer straight away. Needy doesn’t even figure in your relationship and if they’re not there, you contact them until they are.

You Use “We” In Conversations With Others

Your BFF and you are practically the same person, so when you talk to other people, it only seems natural to include their opinion at the same time. Even when they aren’t around, you refer to things you have done together, leading others to believe they are your significant other.

You Only Talk Via In-Jokes

Your other friends have all but given up hanging out with the pair of you when you’re together. Your conversations are made up entirely of bizarre in-jokes and if the third person doesn’t get it, that’s their problem.

You Share All The Mundane Details With Them

There is no detail too small to be shared in your days and even when you’re on the way to the bathroom, you let them know about it. You update each other at every moment during the day and no matter how insignificant it is, you tell them all about it.

Your Parents Question Your Relationship Status

You have faced the humiliation of your parents thinking the pair of you are in a relationship and dealt with it. The truth is, what you two share is more meaningful than any romantic relationship could ever be and if your parents can’t understand it, that’s fine.

You Spend Most Of Your Time Reminiscing

You have known your BFF for most of your life and therefore, have lived through some of the most hilarious moments with them. Your favorite activity is to look back into your childhoods and reflect on your shared history, undoubtedly excluding the people around you.

You Like Everything On Their Social Media Feeds

Your BFF is the best person in the world, in your eyes, so it only makes sense that you like everything they put out there. They need your support and showing it through social media is the best way you know how.

You Text Their Parents

You have a very special relationship with your BFF’s parents and if you’re not texting your friend, you have their parents on the other line. Your best friend pretends to be freaked out about it, but secretly, they love it.

You Take Instagram Couple Photos

Your collective Instagram feed would make even the most affectionate of couples feel uncomfortable. Every moment of your time together is a potential selfie opportunity and you have no shame in snapping another friend shot together.

You’re Always Their Plus One

If they’re going to an event, you naturally assume that you will be their date. Significant others don’t really matter in your relationship; you want to spend all of your time together, and always take each other along.

You Hate Everyone They Hate

The fact that there are some people out there who don’t like your BFF is completely baffling to you. You couldn’t imagine loving anyone more, and when there is someone that they don’t like for any reason, you unconditionally follow their lead.

When You Fight, It’s Like A Breakup

You can count the number of times the two of you have fought on one hand, but when you do get into an argument, it’s not pretty. Fighting with your BFF is like being ripped inside out and you can’t imagine anything worse in the world.