10 Of The Weirdest Places To Put On Your Bucket List

Bir Tawil

Did you know there is a piece of land completely uninhabited and so far from the developed world nobody even wants to claim it? The Bir Tawil is a section of the Sahara between Egypt and Sudan which was claimed as both Egypt and Sudan when the mapping system was put into place a century ago. Nobody even bothered fighting for this piece of land, instead arguing about who would be the one who has to take it. There are no residents, no infrastructure and no buildings, only 800 square miles of land. This part of earth is the only one, apart from Antarctica, that hasn’t been claimed by any nation.

Poles of Inaccessibility

A lot of people live near the coast. However, have you ever wondered how it would feel to visit the place that’s so far away from the coast it’s literally as far as it can be? If you’re feeling adventurous then your next stop should be the poles of inaccessibility. The oceanic pole of inaccessibility is about 2,500 miles southwest of Santiago Chile and the nearest known land is a small island approximately 1,700 miles away. It’s so far away that it’s possible this is the least visited point on the entire Earth.