10 Of The Weirdest Jobs In The World

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When thinking about professions and future jobs one always thinks of doctors, lawyers, teachers and so on. According to Forbes magazine, there is around 53 million freelance workers in the US which make up around 33% of the overall workforce. The number has increased rapidly during the last two decades and the freelance workforce has been known to be more content about their work as they do their jobs out of love and passion. The freelance positions are quite often nowadays too, from photographers to writers. However, there’s still quite a few jobs that you would never think of and we’ve gathered them on our list of ten of the of the weirdest jobs in the world below.

Wrinkle Chasers

Wrinkle chaser’s job is to iron out the wrinkles on shoes using only hand iron and a hot air dryer. Their main goal is to make shoes look shiny, new, and wrinkle-free. They are something of an upgraded version of professional shoes shiners, except they don’t shine the shoes, they iron them instead. Their estimated yearly earnings go from $19,000 up to $49,000.

Human Mannequins

If you’re desperate for some quick and good money, you may want to dab into the human mannequin area of business. Apparently human mannequins are paid about $100 per hour. The earnings are quite high as the job is quite demanding – it involves standing still for periods of time which is a task not many can do. The job consists of looking like a mannequin for several hours and definitely isn’t for people who get bored easily.

Professional Sleepers

This one sounds like the best job in the world – to sleep and get paid for it, who would turn this job down? Hotels pay people to test their beds and then write reports about their experience in order to know if the service they offer to their guests is up to the standard. The requirements are quite simple – to be fluent in the official language of the hotel and being fond of sleeping. The job ads for this kind of position are still quite rare, but in the meantime you can always also opt for medical studies and get hired by doctors and researchers to help them in sleep studies.

Sex Toy Testers

If you are feeling adventurous, you can start a career in sex toy testing which pays approximately $39,000 a year. The advantage is you can work from home and also get a lot of freebies in toys, lingerie and products designed to fulfill specific fetish niches. Companies that produce sex toys hire people to test their products in order to see if they are effective and if they are going to sell well.

Professional Bed Warmers

Another great sleeping career is the one of a professional bed warmer. This job consists of people wearing special, all in one sleeper suit and laying in bed in order to warm them up before the guests come to stay in the hotel. This is the practice that’s so far been used only in Holiday Inn hotels as it is believed that people who sleep in warm beds have a better chance of getting a good night’s sleep.

​Hangover Helpers Party Cleaners

Hangover Helpers Party Cleaners make $20 per roommate by showing up at places where parties involving large quantities of alcohol happened. They show up the morning after the party, helping to cure the hangover by providing burritos and Gatorade and also cleaning up all the mess the party goers left behind. Hangover Helpers Party Cleaners founder Marc Simons started off by cleaning party houses for some extra cash and realized he could start a business off of it considering there’s always people hosting parties and those same people never want to clean the huge mess.

Human Alarm Clocks

Daily Wake Up Call is a company that can help you wake up every morning by assigning you a real live person to wake you up. The human alarm clocks call their ‘bosses’ in order to wake them up and also remind them of their daily tasks and schedules. The company has tapped into a quite profitable field that enables them to make money off other peoples’ busyness. And how hard can it be to call people each morning and tell them their tasks for the day?

Paint Dry Watchers

There’s a man in the US called Keith Jackson whose job consists of staring at the walls all day and watching the paint dry. He started doing it when he was sixteen and is now employed by numerous companies to figure out what paint will dry fastest, how much does it take for different types of paint to dry and also estimate for them when their paint will dry. He doesn’t, of course, just stare at the wall all day, instead conducting tests and using microscopes to get to know the paint better.

Professional Cuddlers

Professional cuddlers are quite literally paid to cuddle. The biggest cuddle market is in Japan where youngsters are quite apathetic about love and marriage and instead focus on their careers which then makes them quite needy for a cuddle from time to time. A Vice Magazine documentary on the Love Industry in Japan discovered that professional cuddlers are paid extra to do perform additional tasks such as dressing in outfits that anime characters wear, and cleaning client’s ears.

Professional Queuers

If you don’t get bored easily and don’t mind standing in one place for several hours, you should consider a career of a professional queuer. The job consists of waiting in the line for other people for as much as $36 per hour. The biggest queueing industry is in China where it is quite common to stand in the bank line up for half a day.