10 Of The Strangest Things People Have Tried To Take On A Plane

Traveling aboard a plane is one of the fastest and safest ways to travel, however because a plane is essentially a large, isolated car flying thousands of meters above the earth, there are strict regulations. Many of these include weapons, electronic devices, and more often than not various countries and boarders have guidelines on what they will and will not allow in to their country. Our list below details some of the strangest things people have tried to take on a plane, and they will definitely surprise you!


Chinese laws state that you’re only allowed to take 100ml bottled of liquor on a flight, but a lady thought that she would try to take 700ml, instead of letting her money go to waste after discovering this law, she decided to guzzle it down and was later too drunk to fly.

Baby Hummingbirds

A man traveling to France was seen fidgeting and acting suspicious, after investigation it was found that the man had individually wrapped and hidden a dozen baby hummingbirds in his underwear.