10 Of The Strangest Fortune Cookie Messages

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Fortune cookies are one of the most popular staples of the Chinese dinner. The crunchy dessert is easily broken apart so you can pull out the slip of paper while enjoying a cookie that tastes like a sweet cracker. Generally it will come with an uplifting message, projects something generic that could happen to anyone in the future, and sometimes a few lucky numbers for you to try your luck at a local lottery. However, some creators decided to have a little fun with their messages. Here are some very real fortune cookies that were posted by people on social media.

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You always have to find a way to keep your customers coming back. However, gorging on Chinese food probably isn’t the healthiest way to go.

Real Fortune Telling

Perhaps the most honest cookie of this bunch. Turns out that you should have ordered a bigger helping of the orange chicken.

Stating The Obvious

In other news, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich becomes one when you put peanut butter and jelly on it.

Being a prisoner trapped in a fortune cookie, one message was finally relieved to get out of there.

Muppets Aren’t Taken Seriously

Honestly, if you looked like Cookie Monster or Beaker, it would be very hard to score a job during an interview.

Attitude Problem

Here’s another snappy fortune cookie that makes the unfortunate recipient ashamed to be themselves. When did these cookies become so condescending?

Terminal Issues

Remember those old prompts on computers where it couldn’t find a file, and it asked you to either abort, retry, or ignore? This fortune must be a special throwback to the good old days.

Spoiler Alert

This was uploaded on the same day Denver played San Diego back in 2013. They did win, but the final score was 27-20.

Sleeping On The Job

It’s a rough life for fortune cookies to help people out multiple times every day, so one decided to take the night off.

Hilarious Advice

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Patrick Corbin tweeted one night a fortune that said: “Now would be a good time to take up a new sport.” He didn’t take that advice and still hurls for the squad.