10 Of The Strangest Extreme Sports

Sports these days are all the rage, whether it is playing football in a massive multi-million dollar arena, or soccer on a green field. However, across the world, there are a couple of other sports taking front and center in various communities, including extreme ironing, for example. These ten sports are the type of activity almost everyone should give a chance, or die laughing at. We can truly imagine ourselves taking part in a couple of things, though some seem a little too intense for our tastes.


Bo-Taoshi is Japanese for “pole bring-down”, and is rather intense. Each team has around 150 people on them, which are divided into 75 attackers and 75 defenders. The goal of the entire game is to take down the pole of the opposite team.

Extreme Ironing

This is the sport that comes to mind when you think of out-there activities. There is even an Extreme Ironing Bureau, which says “the latest danger sport that combines the thrill of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.”