10 Of The Strangest College Mascots

Mascots are the direct representation of the spirit and values of any sports team. A mascot not only encourages the players to do better but also rallies a crowd to chant harder for their team. Mascots were even amidst a controversy lately because NFL teams pay their mascots several times more than the cheerleaders. Although this can be highly offensive to cheerleaders who work just as hard to maintain team spirit, it only goes to show how important mascots are in the grand scheme of things. There are so many college teams participating in various sports these days, that creating the right mascot has actually become quite difficult. This is why you are likely to run into these funny mascots that are featured on this list while touring the country with your favorite college sports team.

Fighting Pickes

The ‘Fighting Pickles’ sounds like the name of an Irish Pub. It is actually the official mascot of the ‘North Carolina School of the Arts’, and has been since 1972.


This has got to be one of the most poorly designed costumes for a mascot I have ever seen. It is pronounced ‘gooey duck’ and spelt ‘Geo duck’, and is a mascot that is based on a mollusk found in the Pacific Northwest region. How could a sporting team ever find a mollusk inspiring?