10 Of The Strangest Buildings That Are Still Standing

Buildings can be unusual for all types of reason. Whether it is because they have been built out of bizarre materials or they have unique designs that are unlike anything else, they can baffle those who see them. Such buildings have the ability to inspire people or just incite a feeling of wonderment at the strangeness of the structure. Many of these buildings have been specially created to stand out from the crowd, while others weren’t intended to look weird but have just come out that way when they were built.

Habitat 67

The Habitat 67 structure was created by architect Moshe Safdie, who wanted to build affordable housing in the best arrangement to create the ideal living community. The entire structure is made out of 364 identical boxes that have been combined together to form 146 individual homes.

The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum

The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum is a building located in Brazil. It resembles a spaceship from a science fiction film rather than a traditional museum. First opened in 1996, it was designed by Oscar Niemey and stands at an impressive 16 meters high.