10 Of The Sexiest TV And Film Teachers

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Almost everyone will have had a crush on a teacher when they were at school. It’s a natural attraction that occurs when a child is growing into an adult and going through puberty, with the teacher being in an authority position and essentially being a “forbidden” person that they know they can’t have a relationship with. Producers of television shows and movies know this and so will often cast hot and sexy actresses in such roles to play up to the fantasies of their audiences, just like in the cases of these on-screen teachers.

Rosemary Cross

Rosemary Cross is a widowed teacher who joined Rushmore school when her husband dies and sees a student and a rich industrialist competing for her interests. Played by Olivia Williams, she shows that it is possible for a teacher to be charming and sweet while maintaining the strictness needed to get students to learn.

Sharon Norbury

Tina Fey’s Sharon Norbury is everything you want from a teacher. She is smart, quick witted and has an amazing figure that immediately caught the eye of everyone who watched Mean Girls. As coach of the Mathletes she has proven her intelligence and showed off her body when she accidentally exposed her bra.

Sheba Hart

The film Notes on a Scandal sees Cate Blanchett’s character Sheba Hart engage in an affair with 15-year-old student. Ultimately, she is found out thanks to the actions of Judi Dench’s character and is sentenced to 10 months in jail, after ending her relationship with the boy.

Veronica Vaughn

Played by the actor formerly known as Bridgette Wilson, Veronica Vaughn was the love interest in the comedy film Billy Madison. Eventually going on to form a relationship with Adam Sandler’s character, she famously encouraged him to pass his grades by stripping off her clothes for every right answer.

Karen Pomeroy

Everyone was already aware of just how attractive Drew Barrymore was before she took on the role of Karen Pomeroy in the 2001 movie Donnie Darko. However, her portrayal of the teacher helped to attract people to the cult classic and gave the world one of the sexiest ever teachers.

Sarah Madison

Having been voted the sexiest woman in the world and winning numerous other plaudits thanks to her gorgeous looks, it should come as no surprise that Christina Hendricks appears in this article with her character of Sarah Madison from Detachment. The New York based teacher plays a major role in the film and is instrumental in changing the life of the protagonist.

Holly Holliday

Although she was never a regular character in Glee, Gwyneth Paltrow’s role still stole the show thanks to her good looks, dancing skills and singing ability. Holliday was a brief love interest for Will Schuester, though this never really went very far.

Elizabeth Halsey

Cameron Diaz made hundreds of men wish they went to the same school as her teacher character of Elizabeth Halsey when she took on the role in the 2011 movie Bad Teacher. Not only is she incredibly hot but also has a taste for drugs, alcohol and plastic surgery.

Jennifer Blake

Okay, Jennifer Blake eventually turned into a monster but before she did she was a pretty hot teacher. It’s just a shame that the Teen Wolf character couldn’t have remained her sexy self throughout the entire series.

Jessica Day

Zooey Deschanel has captured audience’s attention ever since she began appearing in television shows and movies. In New Girl, she plays the 31-year-old teacher Jessica Day as she attempts to move on with her life after a messy breakup with her former boyfriend.