10 Of The Oddest Animal Occurrences Ever

Life can be weirder than the movies. So many strange things can happen to people, often unexplained and just plain weird experiences. In fact, strange things happen to animals too. These unexplained occurrences and incidents make you think ‘WTF just happened here?’ From a cat stuck in a container van for a month to a dolphin committing suicide, we sometimes wonder ‘these things aren’t supposed to happen!’ Here are just 10 of the oddest animal incidents that made it to headline news.

Cigarette-Loving Sparrow Causes Fire Causing £250,000 In Damages

A sparrow who loves cigarettes is completely unheard of — but a sparrow is blamed for starting a fire causing £250,000 amount of damages to a shop in Lincolnshire.

No one knew the true cause of the fire, until insurance investigators confirmed that they had found 35 cigarette ends in the roof. The shop owner was a non-smoker.

A sparrow was believed to picked up the cigar butts to use it for her nest in the eaves, causing the blaze.

Sheep Stuck in Electricity Wire With Its Horn

A somewhat careless sheep became a real-life ‘Rambo’ after being stuck in an electricity wire with its horns. He was bleating for help more than 15 feet above ground.

No one knew how the sheep got there, but tourists had tried to mount a rescue attempt. With some ingenious rope work, German tourists managed to help the sheep back to the ground.