10 Of The Most Tragic Tales From Spring Break 2015

Don’t Ruin The Week

There are a few things most people can do to ensure they don’t ruin the entire Spring Break week for everyone they’re partying with. That means knowing your drinking limits, don’t bring a girlfriend, and don’t take off on your own to enjoy a classic novel.

While headed to Cancun, a group of friends invite Rich, the younger brother of one of their mate’s. Rich is an obvious virgin – one who enjoys spending time around half-naked women with his eyes glued to a book. Rich ended up ruining the majority of the week for everyone else by checking in with his mother, attempting to propose to the first woman he met – his “soul mate” – and just generally being a party-pooper.

Prohibition Is Real

Due to too much partying happening in Panama City, Florida. Local authorities and politicians imposed a ban on alcohol for the entirety of Spring Break weekend. Riots ensued all over the city, which became known as the Panama City Prohibition Riots.

Two young men ventured to the city in search of a good time with lots of alcohol and loose women. A riot ensued as they discovered no alcohol would be allowed to help them gain some courage to speak to women. The group marched to the mayor of the city, who then told them alcohol could not be purchased on the beach, but could be found in town. The entire party was arrested, but made bail and drank as much as possible the next day.