10 Of The Most Scandalous Fraternity Hazing Deaths

Samuel Mason

Samuel Mason died of alcohol poisoning while he was still under the legal drinking age. He was dared to drink a whole bottle of liquor during his initiation into Tau Kappa Epsilon. He died from alcohol poisoning after vomiting and passing out. When they measured his BAC during the autopsy, it was 0.48, six times the legal limit. In the end, six of the members of fraternity went to jail for his death, but it was only for a year or two.

Stuart Pierson

The case of Stuart Pierson goes back to 1905 and it was one of the first hazing scandals that got recognized country-wide. Stuart was eager to join Delta Kappa Epsilon at Kenyon College and during his initiation he was taken into the forest and was killed by a train.

The engineer of the train didn’t see anything, and it wasn’t until they arrived at their next stop that they saw blood on the train. At the same time, fraternity members found Stuart’s corpse and returned him to the college. What is probably the real truth is that Stuart has been tied to the tracks and fell asleep on the tracks.