10 Of The Most Insane Fictional Weapons Created

Science fiction, horror, action movies; all of them are amazing. In fact, the majority of movie genres are pretty much incredible. Within these movies, the characters make use of a variety of weapons that could devastate the entire population of a small country, the entire world, or perhaps just a small town or two. These pieces of technology are both impressive and shocking. Someday, sometime way in the future, someone will develop some form of these weapons for the use of mischeif and nefarious purposes. Until then, enjoy reading about them.

The Alpha-Omega Bomb (Planet of the Apes)

Within “Planet of the Apes,” a device known simply as the Alpha-Omega Bomb was introduced, which was said to “burn the entire planet to a cinder.” This would effectively ensure every human being on Earth perished and the apes took over — if they survived.

“Hand” Grenade (Death Zone 2000)

The “Hand” grenade from Death Zone 2000 was a regular explosive device built into racer Frankenstein’s fake hand. That way, upon shaking hands with the President, he could blow the man up, killing him instantly.