10 Of The Most Extreme Forms Of Body Modification

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Extreme body modifications have been going on since civilization first came together around fires to cook and get warm from the cold. Various tribes across the world have used scarring on their bodies to set them apart, to allow them to enter manhood, and to show how brave they are. Body modifications usually involve piercings, scarring or tattoos, but more shocking ones have come about in recent times. Those who can withstand the pain are considered strong, loyal, and brave. Here are ten of the most extreme forms of body modification.

Sudanese Body Scarification

The Sudanese have long been using body scarification across their faces and bodies to distinguish those who have entered manhood. These processes are done without any form of anesthetic. Those who show any pain are thought to be weak.

Crocodile Scarification

Scarification occurs throughout Papua New Guinea, where local tribes continue their customs even today. The most painful is the crocodile scarification. The young men of the tribe come together and are inflicted with hundreds – sometimes even thousands – of cuts across their backs, which give the form of crocodile skin.

The Vampire Woman of Mexico

The Vampire Woman of Mexico is a name given to María José Cristerna, a former lawyer and mother of four who now holds the world record for the most body modifications on a woman. She started with transdermal implants on her forehead and chest, plus all of the piercings.

The Enigma

The Enigma is a well known sideshow performer who began tattooing jigsaw puzzles across the entirety of his body. He tours the world, and will throw a chainsaw or other dangerous object around while people look on.

Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova, otherwise known as the Human Barbie, has gone through innumerable plastic surgery operations to ensure she looks like the original Barbie doll. The woman has had breast augmentation, bone reconstruction, and contacts inserted.

The Lizard Man

The Lizard Man, or Erik Sprague, was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The man was not covered in scales when he was born, obviously, but definitely is now. He sharpened his teeth, has green scale tattoos, and a bifurcated tongue.

Magnetic Finger Implants

Magnetic Finger Implants are rather new in the world of body modifications. Basically, people insert magnetic implants in their fingertips, which supposedly allow them to pick up electromagnetic shifts around them. They can even collect metal objects with their fingers.

Elf Ears

Elf Ears are another relatively new body modification that women have begun to introduce into their lives. They sharpen their ears through surgery to make them appear more elf-like. Lord of the Rings appears to be the biggest influence.

Three-Dimensional Tattoos

Three-dimensional tattoos are rather creepy, but some can be incredibly cool looking; like the one above. Recently, a Canadian man decided to one-up the world by having a tattoo of a large-breasted woman expanded upon by introducing three-dimensional breasts to her figure. They are silicone implants underneath his skin.

Marcus “Creature” Boykin

Marcus “Creature” Boykin is one of the most modified individuals in the entire world. He advertises himself as “The Creature.” Sadly, he is having trouble finding friends, a job, or roommates to live with. Today, he has piercings covering the entirety of his body, plus tattoos on every inch of his skin.