10 Of The Most Bizarre Fitness Trends

If you tell someone you just got a gym membership because you’re trying to get in shape, they will probably tell you some specific training technique or piece of equipment you “just have to try.” It likely won’t be anything too bizarre, but over the years several odd fitness trends have come to life that people got really pumped up about. These trends (being trends after all) don’t tend to last long, likely due to their lack of efficacy, or the fact they are too embarrassing to do in public. Here are ten of the most bizarre fitness fads of all time.


Designed to be similar to a horse’s gait, prancercise went viral a few years ago when the founder, Joanna Rohrback, shared videos of herself prancersising.

Shake Weight

Similar to a dumbbell but with oscillating technology, the Shake Weight gained a lot of attention in 2009 when its infomercial went viral. It’s been parodied on SNL and other big shows, largely because of how silly people look using it.