10 Of The Most Bizarre Collectibles

Since the days of sticks and stones, people have been finding things to collect. Hunters and collectors have swept through most societies in an effort to capture some of the most fascinating trophies or objects that are shiny enough to hang on their wall at home. Some of these objects are pretty normal, such as coins and rare baseball cards. However, sometimes people get downright bizarre when they get into the collecting mood. Some people find pieces of junk and scrap, for example. Here are 10 of the most bizarre collectibles.


Rusted metal and useless car parts are pretty much…well, useless. People throw them away in spades. However, some people absolutely love collecting hubcaps or license plates from across the world or from a variety of vehicle models.

Litto Damonte is one known collector, though he is no longer in this world anymore. He owned a ranch that had been filled with thousands of hubcaps lining the trees and buildings of his property. It became known as Hubcap Ranch, a tourist destination for many.


There are some truly depressing news stories being tossed around in local papers these days, and some truly odd individuals have been collecting those newspapers for a long, long time. After awhile, these newspaper begin to stink and rot.

Steven Goldman is a known newspaper collector, though the number in his collection is unknown as of this time. The man has been scooping up historical newspapers and magazines for the past 45-years.