10 Of The Hottest Wrestling Divas Of All Time

Wrestling is undoubtedly an athletic activity even if you want to argue that it is clearly not a sport. Those taking part have to be at the peak of their physical fitness and be natural performers, though often that is not enough. Male wrestlers will often have particular gimmicks or elements to their acts that can make them distinctive and grab attention, but WWE divas will generally rely on their inherent sexiness as part of their act. This has led to a great deal of female wrestlers who are not just entertainers but also incredibly hot showing up on TV screens across the world.

Eve Torres

Although she was only in the wrestling industry for a short time, from 2007 to 2013, Eve Torres immediately captured imaginations and has engrained herself in WWE. The former model came through the WWE Diva search and started in the business as a backstage interviewer before moving up into the actual wrestling, where she won a championship.


33-year-old Maria Kanellis had an unusual route to professional wrestling as she first came to fame as a contestant on the reality television show Outback Jack. Later in 2004 she took part in the WWE Diva search and was hired by the company to perform backstage interviews, though she was able to get into the ring after just one year. Maria has since appeared on the cover of Playboy and released an album.