10 Of The Weirdest Things You Would Only Find In Russia

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Russia is a beautiful country, and the people living in Russia are usually warm, polite and hospitable and nice towards each other and others. However, like all the other countries in the world, there’s also some weird customs and habits that sometimes happen to be so different from the rest of the world that we can’t help but laugh at the bizarre photos documenting such events. Here are ten things you will only be able to find in Russia that will first shock you and then warm your heart.

Exclusive Transport

You’ve got a broken tire? Or no tires at all? Well, just put a really old skateboard underneath the front part of your vehicle and you’re all settled!

Inventive Jacuzzi

When you’ve got no money for a jacuzzi, a heated stew bowl in XXL size is your only choice in Russia.

Bears In Taxis

Bears are also citizens in Russia. And they ride taxis.

Shoe Glass

You gotta be inventive when money is sparse and there’s no glasses to drink out of. And vodka is a disinfectant anyway.

Street Beds

When your houses are falling apart, who cares if you’re sleeping outside anyway?

Animal Furs

The subway’s a pretty cold place in Russia too.

Bomb Chess

There’s no regular pieces in Russian chess, only military.

Giant Toddlers

Giant toddlers are a thing in Russia, we checked.


This is the uttermost new hairstyle, straight from the runways in Russia.

New Species

Part human, part fox, at least he’s always warm.