10 Of The Highest Paid Actors In Hollywood

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Everyone knows that movie stars make a ton of money and have a pretty impressive lifestyle. Now, not all actors make a great living. In fact, many are still hoping to make their big break in the film or television industry. Some, however, made it big and continue to do so. Each of their films – whether they be box office flops or massive hits – score them millions of dollars to make an appearance. It is both shocking and impressive that someone can earn so much money for their work. Here are ten of the highest paid Hollywood actors.

Mark Wahlberg ($28 Million per Movie)

Mark Wahlberg was once known as Marky Mark, and he has come a long way since those teen years of making music. Today, Mark is one of Hollywood’s most talented individuals, and has managed to carry many movies to fame with his appearance.

Sarah Jessica Parker ($30 Million per Movie)

A lot of people pick fun at Sarah Jessica Parker for her appearance, but the woman has managed to acquire millions in her quest to stardom. She became popular after starring in ‘Sex and the City’.

Angelina Jolie ($30 Million per Movie)

Angelina Jolie is probably one of the most well known actresses in the entire world. Her signature look has earned her the lead role in many movies, including Wanted and Tomb Raider. Today, she directs her own and still makes millions.

Robert Downey Jr. ($31 Million per Movie)

Robert Downey Jr. has earned his place atop the biggest stars of Hollywood. He went from a bad boy drug addict to one of the highest paid actors of all time. His role as Iron Man has done nothing but propel him forward to greatness.

Ben Stiller ($34 Million per Movie)

Ben Stiller is known as one of the greatest comedic actors ever. He has lead roles in Zoolander and Meet the Parents, and many more. His comedy is sometimes hit-or-miss, but he always stars in a good movie.

Tom Hanks ($35 Million a Movie)

Tom Hanks is one of those iconic actors who have gained fame through numerous wonderful roles, including Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan. He is often considered one of the best actors in Hollywood.

Will Smith ($36 Million per Movie)

Will Smith may have starred in a few box office flops recently – especially while starring with his son – but the man who became famous in “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” continues to amaze the world with his acting.

Adam Sandler ($40 Million/Movie)

Adam Sandler is one of those love-them-or-hate-them type of actors. His explosive comedy sometimes offends and sometimes bores, but the man has managed to become one of the most well known actors. He has his own production company for comedies now.

Johnny Depp ($50 Million a Movie)

Johnny Depp is one of the greatest, most versatile actors of all time. He has starred in so many roles, especially while working for Disney and Tim Burton. His most famous role is easily Captain Jack Sparrow.

Leonardo DiCaprio ($77 Million per Movie)

Leonardo DiCaprio is another one of the greatest actors of all time, and his paycheck per movie certainly shows it. After starring in Titanic, Inception, and The Wolf of Wall Street, the man finally earned himself an Oscar.