10 Of The Funniest Reasons People Got Fired

Fighting Demons

Nicole Phillips was apparently known to pour salt around her desk in an attempt to “fight off demons” at work. The 52 year old lady’s strange behavior caught the attention of the Deputy Director of the call center of the New York City’s Financial Information Service. When talking to her about this, she started singing Bob Marley’s song I Shot The Sheriff, leading to the director assuming she was singing about shooting the deputy. This prompted the director to feel threatened and ended her employment. After attempting to sue the director, Nicole stated that the song said, “I did not shoot the deputy”.

Playboy Model

Victoria Xipolitakis who had appearing in the Argentine version of Big Brother and a Greek version of Playboy requested to attend the cockpit of a flight with 36 passengers on board. The pilots went above and beyond the call of duty and even allowed her to take control of the thrust on take off. Its a good thing she documented this momentous occasion with selfies and video footage, because the airliner got wind of it and immediately sacked the two pilots and attempted to bring forth criminal charges against all three.