10 Things Only BlackBerry Users Will Understand

It was one of the world’s first ‘smart phones’ and is known for it’s famous keyboard. While iPhones and Android phones have overtaken BlackBerry in the general consumer market, there are still millions of dedicated BlackBerry users in the world. Sure, we may be left out when it comes to games and the newest apps, but there are also some great benefits as well, such as not having to wait in line for hours for the latest version or paying thousands for the extras. Here’s a list of both the pros and the cons that only BlackBerry users will truly feel.

Only iPhone Cases?

Wherever you go in a mall, there are always several shops and stalls selling hundreds upon hundreds of cases … but all of them for iPhone! Apparently BlackBerry users aren’t cool enough to want a hard case with a superhero brand on it, or the latest pop culture trend. Never mind, we just get ours from the BlackBerry store, and they look posh and last longer.

What’s an Angry Bird?

BlackBerry usually isn’t in the ‘cool crowd’ as far as game apps go, but the up side is we don’t waste hours of our day fighting birds or slashing fruit.