10 Of The Craziest Beauty Treatments People Actually Get

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Since the beginning of time, human beings – especially women – have been going through far too many sacrifices in the name of beauty and what society thinks is beautiful. Throughout Asia and Africa, for example, some women will use metal coils in order to deform their neck and shoulders. In China, elderly women will cripple their bodies by using food binding to feel more beautiful. In the West, women rub toxic chemicals into their bodies to make their skin shine bright. Here are ten of the most insane beauty treatments people actually pay for.

Thai Face Slapping

Thai Face Slapping looks as ridiculous as it sounds. Men and women can walk into a Thai beauty salon and pay a trained professional to slap them around. The light slaps to the face are thought to refresh the facial features, fix wrinkles, and shrink the pores. It costs about $350 for just 15 minutes.

Stem Cell Cosmetics

Stem Cell Cosmetics has become a highly popular medical treatment, though it is quite controversial. The stem cells are said to transform other cells in the body, which are then used to repair features and make the individual look younger and fresher.

Fish Pedicure

The Fish Pedicure has its home in the Middle East, where a toothless fish the size of a guppy is tossed into a pool with your feet. They basically perform a pedicure, removing the dead, callused skin from your feed. They are quite effective.

Bird Poop Geisha Facial

The Bird Poop Geisha Facial is both disgusting and probably slightly harmful. A cream made of the poop droppings from nightingales, which is said to contain revitalizing enzymes, is painted across a patron’s face for $180.

DC-CIK Cancer Therapy

DC-CIK Cancer Therapy is quite controversial, as it involves drawing blood from a patient who is currently in a battle with cancer. The blood is then injected into someone else’s body following chemotherapy or surgery. Some doctors claim it offers a youthful appearance to men and women.


Some people are really interested in having urine on their bodies…for odd reasons. Some people, however, absolutely love pouring urine on their skin in order to improve the skin. It is said to clear up acne, eczema, and even psoriasis.


Toe-Besity sounds odd, but this medical treatment involves splitting the toe open and grinding the bone and fat down until it appears smoother and more elegant. It is quite dangerous, and the recovery time is lengthy.

Micro-Needle Therapy

A micro-needle roller is used to puncture the skin on a microscopic level, which will heal itself and allow refreshing creams to penetrate the pores and skin. Celebrities are said to use it in order to appear more revitalized and youthful.

Bee Venom Mask

A Bee Venom Mask is advertised as a “safer” version of the popular botox treatment, which can be painful and even deadly. The cream will remove any pesky wrinkles and tighten the skin up to appear younger.


Tittooing sounds dirty, but we promise it is actually a medical craze sweeping the world. It is slightly dirty, though. Basically, women are having their nipples darkened with a tattoo needle gun. This is said to make them more defined and beautiful.