10 Explanations Behind Strange Bodily Functions

The human body is one of the most amazing and complicated things that exist in the universe. It involves a vast amount of processes taking place at the same time and includes things that we can only dream of replicating in man-made machines. This means that much of the way it works is still a mystery and many of its behaviors seem completely bizarre even though we think that we are incredibly familiar with our own bodies. However, many of the most baffling behaviors actually have rather simple and mundane explanations.


Tickling is one of the strangest things that the human body does. While it can be enjoyable, it is usually something that people try to avoid and will do anything to stop being subjected to it. Many theories have been put forward to explain why we are ticklish, with the most convincing being that it helps to develop combat skills and bond. Much like play fighting, it forces people to come up with ways to escape an attack and get themselves out of danger.

Butterflies In The Stomach

Almost everyone experiences the feeling of having butterflies in their stomach at some point during their lives. It is a sensation that usually occurs during moment of intense nervousness or excitement. These feelings are the result of the brain-gut axis that sees extra adrenaline and other chemical pumped into around the body due to the fight-or-flight response. This leads to less blood flowing in the gut and stomach, causing the strange sensation to occur.